Make Me Sweat!

LOVE Tuesday morning spinning!  The instructor is one of the girls who used to teach the Saturday morning class (before I stopped going for 5 months!) and I got an amazing workout this morning.  She teaches the class a little differently than the girl that I’m used to and that means that in order to get the most out of the hour you have to push yourself.  Whereas the Saturday/Wednesday girl tells you exactly where you should be, the Tuesday morning girl sort of explains what you should be feeling and it’s up to you to get yourself there.  Different approach but I didn’t mind it at all once I figured it out.
I had a lovely shower, got dressed and then went tanning (no tanning cream yet…for whatever reason I cannot seem to remember to bring my wallet in with me!).  A 10 minute tanning bed nap after a hard workout and before work is just the thing!  It definitely may help that today is a gorgeous sunshiney day, maybe if it was dark and cold and grey I wouldn’t feel quite so centered and satisfied as I do now.  Whatever, I’ll take it.  1 week down, 9 to go! 
I also think that when 3:30 rolls around and I see my normal ‘go home’ time come and go that I’ll be regretting this decision, but….what’s success without sacrifice?  I don’t know of anything worth having that doesn’t take work or sacrifice or sometimes both.    There’s a certain amount of pride in doing something that is out of my own norm and which is definitely out of the societal norm.  There’s a sense of achievment in doing something that isn’t easy or comfortable. 
I have a weigh in tomorrow after work and I’m already setting myself up that the scale will report whatever it reports, I’ve truly done the best I could do this week as far as food and exercise.  Everything else is out of my control.  So whatever the scale says is what it says and I’ll accept it.  I will not be starving myself or denying myself hydration, four hours of torturing myself won’t change the outcome enough to matter.  Plus, I remember what happened last Wednesday night at spinning after I screwed around with the weigh in.  No fun!
Until tomorrow…enjoy the sunshine if you have it, a cup of tea perhaps, if you don’t?
Love List ~ October 18, 2011
6am spinning class (as if you didn’t know that would be one of them!)
pina colada flavoured protein powder
my waxist!

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