October 17, 2011

It’s Monday.  I’m about to go and put my pompoms on and throw a little parade for Monday to ensure that it is happy and treats us all very well. 
This weekend kicked the crap out of me.  I opened one eye on Sunday morning when Ray got out of bed to get ready for the toy run.  He told me to go back to sleep and before he even had his other leg into his jeans, I was out.  I slept until 10am (unheard of!) and then wandered aimlessly around the house for an hour in that fog and sweat of the borderline sick.   When Ray got home he peeled me off the couch (after remarking “Wow, you’re pale, you don’t look so good.”…thanks, honey!) and dragged me out to my bike to go for one last ride since it was sunny out and my insurance expired at midnight last night.  It was a nice little ride, only about 45 minutes and then we came home, ate lunch and Ray went to bed for his graveyard nap. 
Unfortunately, even though I was/am not feeling well, I still had to get crap done.  I decided to kick off my undesired errands off with a 10 minute nap in a tanning bed.  I figured if I had to be doing things I don’t want to do then I should start off with something that I did want to do.  Afterwards I went to two stores for groceries, came home and cleaned up the front garden that I had started the day before, unpacked groceries and then made a huge stew, did dishes, cleaned out the fridge and made dinner (best and moistest tenderloin ever!, comment me for the recipe, with beef broth quinoa and salad) before waking Ray up.  After dinner we had to go and get gas and pick up milk (I don’t drink milk so it’s not something I ever remember when I grocery shop alone).  By the time bedtime rolled around….well….let’s just say that if it wouldn’t have been weird I’d have kissed my pillow before laying down and going to sleep.
Tonight my waxist is coming over after the debacle that was last week and I’m very happy that she’s told me she’ll be giving me the service free of charge this time as a make up for her jamming on me last week.  Tonight I also have to do all my packing up to attend 6am spinning class tomorrow.  I’m kind of excited about it.  I think I should end up with just enough extra time after the class to shower and then go tanning before heading off to work.  I’m hopeful that I will really enjoy this 6am spin class….because I’m pretty much committed to it for the next 10 weeks.  😉  I’m hopeful that during the cold winter months, the combination of the exercise and the tanning will help me stay warmer.  I’m hopeful that the instructor is somewhat decent becase she’s not someone I’ve ever done a class with before.  I guess by tomorrow I’ll know the answer to all those questions!
And finally, I realize that this is a total non-problem….but I happen to have a bonus $90 in my wallet at the moment…cash, which I never have….which is not earmarked for anything….and I want to treat myself to something good but I have NO IDEA what that something should be.  Any ideas that are around $80-$90?  I was thinking of getting some really nice smelling (and they are always expensive) tanning lotion.  Is that a dumb feel-good present?  Obviously I’m going to use it up so it’s not a treat that will last forever but I enjoy tanning and those creams smell so good!  Or save the money for my haircut at the end of October?  Or save the money and buy jeans when I go to the states in November?  Again, obviously a non-problem, just looking for suggestions.
Love List ~ October 17, 2011
This morning I am grateful for:
dinner which is cooking in the crockpot right now
warm boots with super comfy socks hidden
a good night’s sleep
seeing my sister once and chatting with her twice in one weekend!

1 thought on “October 17, 2011

  1. I think you should buy the tanning cream… as long as you shower AFTER tanning and not before… they smell really good when you put them on, but after you bake yourself, they smell not so good….

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