Rainy Monday Evening

It is POURING outside right now!  Half happily and half sadly, I just kissed my man goodbye, handed him his lunch and sent him off to his first day back at work in almost a year.  I’m happy, overjoyed, that he’s going back to work because that means that the enormity and severity of his injury and our last year of hell….well…it’s really over.  I’m sad because it’s cold and dark outside and it’s warm and toasty inside and he shouldn’t be out going to work…he should be sitting on the sofa reading his book and kissing me goodnight.  On the other hand, he’s happy to be going, had a big grin on his face….and this sleeping alone business means that I get to streeeeeeetch out in the bed.  Bright side!  In making Ray’s back-to-work day a celebration of moving forward, I made him the chocolate chip cookies that my mom used to make for my sister and I when we were in school.  What better way to go back to work than with fresh homemade cookies in your lunchkit?!

I had an awesome weekend, we had an impromptu date on Saturday night after Ray won a 50/50 draw and took me to our most favourite restaurant where we had our most favourite meal.  In good WW’ing fashion, I kept the reins on and enjoyed myself but didn’t go overboard.  Sunday morning I went for coffee with my mom.  Had a coffee and then a couple of  hours later decided breakfast had worn off so I ordered an orange chocolate rooibos tea (Choc-A-Peel) and a small whole wheat berry and apple scone (I figured approx 5 pts+).  We had a lovely visit together and then I went tanning at my gym.

I am happy to report that I went spinning on Saturday morning…so that’s twice that I put it on the schedule and twice that I actually went.  It was the same instructor as Wednesday and pretty much the same release (workout version) but the whole thing was compressed into 45 minutes instead of a full hour.  Crazy!  I felt fantastic afterward though, munched an apple, a banana and a hard boiled egg and then an hour later for lunch had leftover roasted vegetables with an egg whisked in.  Delicious!

I made myself a workout schedule late last week and have it posted on my fridge.  A photo of it is posted below also.  I put quite a bit of thought into this schedule and determined that although I feel fantastic after attending and working hard in a spinning class, I really am just starting to get back in the swing of things again and so I have drafted my schedule to take that into consideration.  In efforts past, I would just go whole hog, both feet in and end up burned out or injured.  Not this time!  I wrote the schedule for the rest of October and almost all of November.  I also switched shifts with my co-worker for Tuesdays between next week and the end of December.  She’ll get the benefit of getting the early shift (7:30-3:30) one day a week (which should be a nice break for her during the winter months) and I will get the benefit of having built an extra hour into my day and be able to go to 6am spinning class each Tuesday.  It’s a limited time switch, just until the end of December, but I think it’ll be a nice twist for both of us.

Anyway, my schedule is below…and between now and November 26th I will have gone spinning 23 times and ‘ridden’ an approximate distance of 900 kilometers.

It feels very nice to be back to exercising and to have a schedule to follow.  I’m not silly enough to believe that I will achieve every single day, things happen, but to have something to strive for, that’s something good.  I read a quote on Marathon Sweetheart’s website earlier today: “…Why the hell didn’t I keep going? It’ll be hard now or, it’ll be hard later.  You Pick.”  I love that!

Leaving you this evening to go crawl into my….sob….empty bed….I give you a shot of some very delicious pretzel crackers that I ‘made’ this weekend.  They are little pretzel crackers from Costco, 3 pts+ for 11ish crackers….which I then flung a little dark chocolate at.  They were delicious, eaten standing in the kitchen on Friday night chatting with Ray and drinking delicious Australian red wine.



My Love List ~ October 8-10, 2011

This evening I am grateful for:

Pumpkin Spice Tea (from Tim Hortons)
three day weekends
warm blankets straight from the dryer
home made chocolate chip cookies
wool tights

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