Claiming Fall!

Oh, Friday, how I have longed for thee!  Seriously though, I’m so happy it’s Friday and that we have a spare day off this weekend!  We were going to go camping but the weather has decided we need to stay home instead.  Totally fine by me.
Last night we had a work dinner.  Normally those things are dull and not something that I want to be involved in but I had a feeling that this one would be different….and it was.  Tonnes of fun, lots of chatter, lots of laughs.  We went to Cactus Club….which is NOT Weight Watchers friendly.  But, in the way of a responsible individual I made it friendly enough for me.  7 oz sirloin, no seasoning and only half eaten (6 pts+) and grilled asparagus.  Three bites of delicious appetizer and a couple bites of even more delicious dessert (approx 8 pts+) and a 9oz glass of Australian red wine (9 pts+)….LOL, love that the wine cost more than the dinner in points!.  It worked out well…there were things on the menu that I would have loved to try but it was a mid week dinner and I know that we’re going to be eating out this weekend so I made the proper decision….if not the most popular one.  Happily this morning, I don’t feel stuffed or disappointed in myself, I have a nice piece of steak for my lunch today, and I’m not going to be working like a crazy woman to ‘make up for’ dinner last night.  Score!
Speaking of working like a crazy woman……I went back to spinning on Wednesday night (remember, I said I had to be back in the gym by the time Ray went back to work…which is in 4 days!).  Obviously I tried to talk myself out of it, I tried a few excuses; it’s raining really hard, I worked really hard today, I’m tired, I don’t want to, this isn’t fair, dinner’s not ready in time, I can’t.  And then I gave my head a shake…because tomorrow it will not be any easier to go than it is today.  Tomorrow isn’t different, it’s today with a different name.  Might as well suck it up.  So I did.  And being back in the gym was like salve to my soul.  Gym welcomed me back with open arms, it wasn’t mad that I hadn’t been in months it was just glad I was there now.  It felt like I’d never left……sort of.
Back in the spring when I was training for my 40km trail ride I was going to spinning once/week religiously…and jogging and weight lifting…but we’re talking about spinning.  Anyway, the weekend before the big ride was the last spinning class I took…and during that class I realized that I had actually made progress, I was able to do all the ‘events’ that the instructor created and I was able to gear change exactly as she was instructing, rather than having to make modifications or scale back like when I first started.  Then I wiped out my mountain bike and that catapoulted me into relaxyville….where there was no spinning.  It’s been 4 months….doesn’t seem like that long ago, but let me tell you….I have absolutely no conditioning left at all.  None.  And that?  PISSES ME OFF!
So, I spin.  I spun Wednesday, I’m spinning tomorrow morning and I will be spinning at least twice a week until I feel like I’m back to a reasonable cardio level (I think by November 1st I should be good to go).  Then I will start jogging again on the treadmill….1.5% incline which simulates road running.  And I will do that (with the spinning) until I can again jog a treadmill 5k in 30-ish minutes (or less, ideally).  That’s my solid plan…there may be additions to it as time goes on but those are the non negotiables.    Also my gym has unlimited tanning for $3.50/week so I’ll be taking part in that over the next couple of months.
This fall and winter is mine.  I refuse to give it up to busy, to tired, to lazy or to any other negative energy that my brain creates.  It’s mine and I’m going to work hard and see the results and feel good and be proud of myself.  MINE!
My Love List ~ October 7, 2011
This morning I am grateful for:
shiny red apples
red wine
pretty periwinkle headbands
Gatorade G2
roasted winter vegetables

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