Welcome to October!

Aaah, Monday.  If a person used reverse psychology and pretended to LOVE Monday, that would make it better, right?  No?  Ah well, worth the try.
Monday morning here is grey and rainy and…well….poopy.  Except!  It’s my friend’s birthday today and I made her favourite….cake balls!  As you can see from the picture below, she’s not letting them out of her sight!
I had a lousy start to my weekend, had a dr appt where my recent tummy troubles were diagnosed.  Now that I know what was causing my problem, it’s all under control and starting to fix itself.  Having a sore stomach 24/7 is horrible….when eating hurts, something’s wrong!  But, $117 later for a month of medication and I’ll be right as rain!
Friday night Ray took me on a date, he drove us over an hour away to a favourite restaurant where we both turned our phones off, sat side by side in a little booth and enjoyed each other’s company….which was good because at the time I wasn’t really able to enjoy the food.   Saturday we went and did a little shopping (super sexy leather boots!) and went for a nice lunch, again at a restaurant that we really like (Zawa on Commercial for anyone who lives in the lower mainland).  I had the Pacifico Wrap which was a tonne of egg, some diced onion and flaked smoked salmon.  It was enormous so half of it got to come home with me for breakfast the next day!  One thing that I did notice from eating out all weekend is that even when you try to make a decent choice (egg and salmon wrap for instance), the calories might be alright but the sodium is out of this world!  I drank an entire pot of ginger tea (ginger twist tea bag w/ extra sliced ginger boiled in) and my big water bottle full of water and didn’t wee from 8pm last night until this morning!  Little water retention, methinks!  Sunday morning we went down to a coffee shop on Hastings and watched the Vancouver Toy Run go by….we decided not to ride it this year but to watch instead.  Turned out well and at least that way our entire day wasn’t a write off.  For the rest of Sunday we just hung around, I cleaned the house for about 2 and a half hours (it’s gone on a bit long!) and Ray mowed/vacuumed the leaves out of the backyard.  
Now that I’ve rambled on about what’s been going on (too much eating out, essentially!), let me tell you something that I noticed.  Sitting at the restaurant on Saturday we had a window seat right along Commercial Avenue.  Commercial Ave is the epicenter of non-conformists….except not really.  What I noticed with these people who very obviously are trying SO HARD not to conform….is that they’re just conforming to a different standard.  There’s a definite ‘style’ and a definite ‘attitude’ among these ‘non-conformists’ that groups them.   There is an obvious amount of time and effort that is put into cultivating this certain look.  Just because you’re not conforming to the main societal standard, doesn’t mean you aren’t conforming to another standard.   Anyway…there’s no point to this observation, I just thought it was interesting watching a bunch of people who make such an effort to be completely unique and to live and dress differently….and they end up appearing just like all the rest of their neighbors who look and live and dress differently. 
Tonight is the big Costco-shop after work (nothing good, just laundry soap and cucumbers, I think) and a quiet evening reading books after dinner…..I love that we have a Monday evening book reading ritual to ease into the week….which I suppose will all go to pot next week when Ray comes back to work.


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