September 28, 2011

We went out to North Vancouver last night and got our Goat back from the repair shop and I was very happy to then have several rather important things back in my possession…my nice belt, my slippers and my vodka (priorities people, priorities!).  We’re debating going camping one more time this year over the Thanksgiving long weekend, weather permitting of course.  Ray figures he and the dog will go up on Thursday morning to ensure a site where we want to go and he’ll get a couple of afternoons and an evening to himself and I will stay home until Friday afternoon and then come out so I would have an evening to myself as well.  Sounds like a pretty decent plan to me.  In typical fashion, he will probably sit and read his book and have a few drinks and generally relax on his evening alone.  I will probably clean the house, do the laundry, pressure wash the driveway and give my car an oil change on my evening alone.  😉  LOL  In all seriousness though, a day and evening apart would probably do us just fine!   Plus, if we are camping with the Goat and we want to go anywhere at least this way we’ll have my car there so we don’t have to unhook.
Weigh in is today at 5pm….and I’m confident that I did alright.  Ray even said last night (unsolicited, I just about fell over!) “You must’ve lost weight this week!”.   Sure hope so! 
This evening brings with it zero plans (besides that Ray is making me beef stir fry for dinner!) so I believe that I will be cleaning our house.  It’s languished for quite long enough now…and when the dog starts writing her name and doodling in the dust on the end tables, you know it has to be time, right?!
It’s beautifully sunny outside right now, apparantly it’s not supposed to rain for at least 48 hours!  This would be good!  I leave you with a photograph of my current reading list.  The book on the bottom is 900 pages long and I am only 150 pages from being finished…which excites me because as you can clearly see, I have a backlog of interesting books to read and 900 pages is just too freaking long!
Happy Wednesday!

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