Late Summer Days

This weekend was one of those gorgeous hot weekends that I will crave come November when I’m under the electric blanket on the sofa wearing everything I own, still shivering. It was actually borderline too hot…not for me but for my man and our dog. Me, I loved it!

Friday night my waxist (OK, she’s an esthetician, not just a waxist) came over for a glass of wine and to do my nails. She did OPI Axiom (kind of like permanent polish…gel) for me in a french manicure with a bit of glitter in the tips. Turned out very nice, I’m super happy with them.

Saturday morning I went on my alone date in the morning. Put on a pretty sun dress, took my book and went to the coffee shop near the hair dresser. It was gorgeous and sunny and just what I needed. Evidentally as a nice young girl in a pretty dress, I’m very approachable even when reading a book with sunglasses and an ipod on. First an older man came up to me and told me that he has a red headed daughter also but that she has never gotten as brown as I apparantly am and when I informed him it was a long slow process and involved riding my motorcycle to and from work daily, he proceeded to run down the benefits of sunscreen and how my skin is not made to tan and to please be careful and not get skin cancer. Aaaand the iPod went back on. The second man was about 70 and had a teeny weeny little teacup poodle type dog. He asked me if he could impose on me to watch ‘Peaches’ while he went in the store to get a cup of coffee….once I said yes, Peaches was deposited in my lap and off the man went. Trusting bugger, I could have made off with his little puppy. Cute little thing too, weighed about as much as a cottonball!

Saturday evening we went to the corn maze in Maple Ridge. We were borderline not going because it was so, so hot out but we sucked it up and ended up having a really awesome time. It was humid among the corn but not hot at all. There were supposed to be 16 people to do the maze but only 4 couples including us showed up (presumably everyone else baled from the heat also. The admission included the petting zoo which you do not have to be a small child to enjoy, anyone can go and pet a baby goat or pat a big woolly sheep! There are two mazes and they took us around an hour and a half. Totally fun thing to do!

Sunday we had wedding errands to run and then in the evening we had to go to Ray’s ex wife’s house to pick up all the wedding decorations/food/random wedding acoutrements. As much as I truly love to spend time with his ex wife (sense the sarcasm), I did not appreciate the hour and a half we spent on her deck making small talk with her at a time when I should normally be in bed!

My first weekend following Weight Watchers went very well. I made sure to bring my big water bottle with me when we did errands, I logged all my points and even had two drinks….alcohol being a very bad point value on WW! I weigh in tomorrow at 6:00pm in Maple Ridge so we’ll see how well I really did! I do feel better though, haven’t had that stuffed “oh crap, what have I done” moment…and apparantly my skin is detoxing a little so that’s good…in a not so pleasant way.


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