No Labour Weekend

This new post is brought to you from the upstairs bunk of Goat (yep, we figured out a name for the new motorhome).  It’s about eighty zillion degrees up here but I will tough it out in order to bring you an authentic camping-style post.

We took Goat and our dog and headed up to Manning Park on Friday afternoon following a funeral.  The trip was great, we wanted to do this before we take it up to Quadra for Andrea’s wedding.  Our list of things missing and things that need to be done to it grew as the weekend wore on but for the most part it’s all easy stuff that doesn’t require heaps of time or money.

On the negative end of things, I managed to smash my head, not once…not twice, but four times in the exact same spot.  Turns out that while I know how to duck in order to get into my motorhome seat (the bed is overhead), I consistently underestimate just how tall I am and *CRACK*.   Now I have a goose-egg on the very top of my head that doesn’t love being shampooed or combed very much at all!  In other less than fantastic motor-homing news, we suffered a breakdown on the side of the road.  Fortunately it happened right at the pull off for a brake check area.  And also very fortunately, Ray is a handy-dandy mechanic and knows things like “that smoke that was pouring out of the back is actually from the front and is the colour and smell of rubber burning.”  Or things like “the air conditioner condenser has seized so if we just cut the belt off, we’ll be able to keep going, just without AC.” .  Things like this I am grateful that he knows.

Lesson learned this weekend also, people need to be specific.  When you ask me to ‘look at this belt while I start the motor and tell me if it moves”, I will in fact look right at that belt and when it starts moving, I will gleefully announce that it’s spinning like crazy….and mere seconds later when thick smoke starts pouring out of the engine area, you are not allowed to be mad at me because the big dirty hunk of steel that said belt sits on is not moving.  Apparantly that non descript hunk of metal is supposed to move smoothly and with the belt.  How the heck would I know that?!  Be specific!

Anyway, moving along to other things.   Five years ago yesterday is when I decided I was no longer happy with my life as it was and I was going to make a change.   I walked into the Weight Watchers location in Surrey and proceeded to begin a transformation that came to involve the outside as well as the inside.  Five years and a lot has changed.  For certain I’m a smaller size than I was and I’m in a relationship which makes me very happy (most days!) and I’m more the person that I enjoy being than I ever was before.  Unfortunately over the course of the five years my focus has changed slightly and we’ve had an unfortunate series of bad luck that has strained our lives.   But over the course of this past weekend (and building up over this whole summer), I’ve decided that I can no longer go this road alone.  I’ve veered off course slightly and the voices of sabotage and rationalization have gotten louder and I can’t silence them alone.  And I feel absolutely no shame over this.  I’ve known for awhile what I have to do and I’ve tried to resist, I’ve tried to solve things on my own and it’s fairly clear that I can’t…not right now.  And so, starting on Wednesday, September 7th at 5:30, I will once again return to Weight Watchers.  I will tell someone besides my spouse and my friends that I am not happy with my weight (and my fitness level, but historically WW doesn’t really care about that).  I will declare to myself and the Weight Watchers check in lady that by December 18th (my bday), I would like to be down 20 pounds.   And then I’ll have rules and guidelines to follow and I should feel a little more in control of myself.  I’m going to pay for three months of weekly meetings up front as that tiny extra incentive to play with the rules.

In more good news (and if you happen to work with me in the payroll department of our workplace, please keep this info under your hat) we have a back-to-work date for Ray!  After what is frighteningly close to an entire year, he is finally in a position where he can go back to work with little to no fear of re-injury.  As far as I know (and the doctor will have to give the final approval), he will be coming back to work the second week in October. 

I think that’s about it for this update.  It is uninhabitably hot up here in the top of Goat and it’s close to dinner time.  I’ll leave you with a few pictures from this weekend.


1 thought on “No Labour Weekend

  1. As a member of the payroll department at your place of work – mums the word. 😉

    Congrats on deciding to go to back to WW. I wish you all the success in the world. I have no doubt that you will hit your goal with much time to spare.

    Funny how the people around you can influence you – knowing that you’re going back to WW gives me a bit of a boost to bet back on track as I’ve been waning these past few weeks. It’s ok for now but we all know how slippery the slope is.

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