Welcome Our New Addition!

We have a new addition to our fleet as of yesterday evening.  Our fleet now includes a 1986 22 foot Frontier 350 Chevy motorhome.  The new arrival is, as yet, nameless (we have to name the fleet members, it gets too confusing otherwise) but making itself at home in our driveway…in my parking spot in our driveway to be more precise.
I grew up camping….motorhome/fifth wheel camping (not tenting…never tenting).  My sister and I camped our summers away with my grandparents from the time we were wee until the time we went off to make our own way in the world.  Many, many a memory are RV related and that’s why I’m so happy to have “Moho” in our lives.   There’s something about the smell of an RV that brings back a flood of memories.
Last night when I was transferring our camping paraphernalia from BTT (Big Tent Trailer) to “Expo”, I got kind of excited.  We don’t have kids (just a dog) so it’s not like a ‘new generation’ of camping is being started with “Fronty”, but life gets so busy and so stressful and camping like this in a unit like this brings me back to a nicer place.  It brings back marshmallow roasts and clean warm jammies around the campfire after being in the sun all day.  It brings back scotch mints and watermelon and freckles.  It brings with it all the things that I loved about my childhood….and that will mesh with all the things that I love about my adult life. 
I know that it’s just a vehicle and a person probably shouldn’t pin all their holiday happiness on a brick with a motor….but it is a happy thing and I’m glad we have it.  Now we just have to name the bugger.


1 thought on “Welcome Our New Addition!

  1. And brings back memories (for me) of sitting out in back of the cabin under the canopy on Grandpa’s green ‘lawn’ drinking rhubarb nectar and the sound of mom playing horse shoes… But then also of Grandpa trying to park the thing and Grandma screaming at him, but let’s leave those alone….LOL~

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