New Things

*This is not a paid endorsement, I really do love this thing!*

Ever find something that fits absolutely perfectly into a little spot in your life that was otherwise a pain in the ass? And once you have said thing, do you ever wonder how you ever got by without it? I found that thing several months ago but I was a little wigged out and didn’t actually go and buy it. And then we went on our holidays this year and the opportunity came up over and over and over where I wished I would have had it. So two nights ago I happened to be at the store where they sell this thing and I went and bought it. Don’t judge me, it’s one of those things that, unless you have a need for it, is going to seem stupid.

It’s called Whiz Easy (however I call mine Whizzy) and it was $18.99 and worth a zillion dollars in not having to touch disgusting toilets again ever, never having to hover over an outhouse, never having to squat to pee in the middle of the night in a campsite at 2am while your thigh muscles scream so loud they scare the pee back in, and never having to squat and subsequently drunk-pee/splash on your clothes/pajamas. Now, if you don’t camp or you don’t hike or you don’t ride motorcycles you probably won’t understand the draw towards it. But if you’ve ever had to pee 20 minutes ago, still have to get into the stall, unzip your jacket, the liner, your hoodie, electric vest and then undo your chaps, belt, unzip jeans and pull down panties, you will know exactly why I’m in love with Whizzy! If you’ve ever accidentally drunk peed on your foot in the middle of the night while camping, you know exactly why I’m in love with Whizzy! If you’ve ever had to pee like crazy and sat there on the side of the road while your husband wees against a tree, you’ll know why I love Whizzy!

Now, about the mechanics. There are several of these on the market, they are called HUG (hygenic urine guide), She-pee, Freshette, etc. Whiz Easy is the nicest one I’ve seen. It’s very soft silicone-like material, it’s coated with a substance that allows you to ‘flick to dry’ (moisture does not stay on it) and you simply cup it to yourself and go. Some of the other ones require you to…ahem…insert it/manipulate yourself to make it work. The most expensive one I saw (over $30) was made of extremely rigid plastic and was the equivilant of peeing into a very hard plastic funnel. I did a test of Whizzy under the faucet first and unless you are whizzing at the volume of a bathroom faucet turned on full blast, Whizzy can more than keep up. Whizzy is machine washable (laundry or dishwasher) and they are very clear in advising you that pee, when it comes out, is completely sterile…no bacteria, no worries. Because it’s completely soft and moldable and very small, you can roll it up and shove it in your pocket/purse so no one ever knows you have it.

In other news, I made 8 mini Cranberry Banana Loaves last night in my new mini loaf pans.  They turned out great and are the perfect weekend breakfast, they aren’t THAT mini so one loaf shared between two people is perfect.  This way, because there is just the two of us, we aren’t obligated to eat an entire regular sized loaf before it goes bad.

And finally….we bought a motorhome last night.  We’re going to pick it up tonight and I will post pictures of it tomorrow.  I think we’re taking it camping this weekend, not far from where we live…as a nice get-a-way and to shake it down before we take it up to Quadra for Andrea’s wedding.

Happy Wednesday, I’m planning to keep my head down and plow through this rainy, freezing cold day until such time as I can get home and do things I want to be doing.


1 thought on “New Things

  1. It’s like your very own portable penis! I’ve always envied those who have the ease of peeing with a penis!

    I’ll admit that I’d be a little freaked out to buy such an item but obviously the convenience and cleanliness of it would make it all worth while. What a great little invention.

    PS: I was in Superstore on the weekend and saw attached mini-loaf pans and meant to tell you! Good thing you wrote this post to jog my memory.

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