Regardless of the name of this blog, I’ve decided that my fitness (or fatness) is not my defining life factor and so I’m going to try to expand my content a little…in the order of random, boring, sometimes amusing life stuff. Stuff that I love to read about other people but that I always think that people will find inordinately boring about me. I figure though, if you’re bored you won’t read…but if you’re like me, it’s like a teeny weeny little vacation away from your own life for a moment and into someone else’s. Like my friend Tarable said yesterday, sometimes that random life stuff can make us all feel like we’re not in it alone.

And so, the last four weeks have been crammed full of all sorts of goings-on…some good, some great and some downright sucky. I’ve had my co-worker quit on a week’s notice. We’ve been to my grandparents in Chilliwack, once for ice cream and then again later, dog in tow, for dinner. We’ve ridden with our best-couple-friends for the August long weekend, we rode just the two of us to California and back in 7 days, we’ve been boating, we’ve dog sat and dinnered and wedding shopped and drank beer and napped. There’s been a man-flu, a rather obnoxious tooth infection and a nasty sunburn on both of us. There’s also been roasted veggies and home-rotisserie chicken and pizza with my sister and wine on patios. There’s been sun and gardening and laughing and yes, ocassionally bickering. There’s been slobbery dog kisses, car detailing in the sunshine and rope burn from a boating incident gone wrong.

What I’ve noticed from looking back at this last month is that if you’re going to tell the bad, you have to also relay the good and vice versa. Tara (I think) put up a quote on Twitter the other day that said something to the effect of “everyone’s life looks perfect…if you’re a liar.”. I thought, in my blog, that either I had to post only about my fitness sucesses or fails or that I shouldn’t post at all because no one wants to hear about all the stuff that’s going right….or all the stuff that’s going wrong. But in reality, that’s life, for all of us.

And so, as I’ve said before, I shall try to post more often, perhaps more successfully now that I’ve officially expanded my view of what is acceptable Fitty vs Fatty blog content.

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “Content-errific!

  1. Funny, after our conversation about this yesterday I was surprised and happy to see you had posted!

    I like reading about the regular day to day stuff. I also like writing about it because it makes me feel better about life in general, especially when people connect with me because of what I’ve posted.

    Happy blogging!

  2. Yay! People who care about you will read. People who don’t care can be dammed!
    Plus, it’s not fair that we (Tara and me and others you read) write about all our stuff and we never get a glimpse at your stuff.

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