This weekend was supposed to be great.  We’d been looking forward to it for quite awhile, an overnight ride to a really pretty destination.  Yep.  Friday I was dead set against going.  First, I’d had a crappy week at work topped off by a disappointing phone call on Friday afternoon.  And it’s been raining.  For months.  No summer, no warm, no sunshine and sure as shit, no bikes. 

I decided Friday after work to attempt to start the weekend out on a good note and went early to a favourite restaurant, sat alone in the corner and drank wine and read my book for about an hour.  It was a very nice start to the weekend, unfortunately a couple large glasses of wine on an empty stomach does not lend itself to making a reasonable dinner choice, nope.  The wine plus the crappy week and I landed squarely in “I don’t really give a shit right now’ mode. 

Friday night we got home from dinner and got the phone call that no, we were not riding to our destination in the rain but they weren’t cancelling, we would drive our cars instead.  Seriously, I was so, SO not looking forward to this trip and wished that they would have just called it off.  I went so far as refusing to pack my clothes for the weekend but then figured that either Ray would just force me into the car on Saturday morning sans overnight bag, or he would pack for me and that was terrifying. 

As it was, Saturday morning we had a nice breakfast out and then met up with the group.  It was torrentially pouring with rain and off we went.  When I was so busy not wanting to go on this trip, I failed to remember that we would have 4 quiet hours in the car on the way there, just the two of us with no distraction.  It was so nice to chat and read (well, I did, Ray drove) and be silly together. 

The weekend turned out to be quite nice, weather wise (everyone was pissed off we’d taken our cars), the company turned out to be alright (except for the one guy….you know the guy….the one that is OK when he’s sober but when he’s drunk you’re pretty sure he’s trying to picture you naked….and in a very creepy way) and we had a nice campfire.

Sunday morning we drove home, stopped and got groceries and then spent the rest of the day walking the dog, mowing the lawn and reading books. 

Overall the weekend was redeemed…now I’m back at work and wishing I was still in bed.  My scale showed that I gained 5 pounds in two days…but I’m not freaking out about it, it’s salt overload and my time of the month looming.  Tonight, tomorrow and Thursday I’m scheduled to trail run and I’m back to my proper, mindful eating as of last night’s dinner, so it will all be just fine.

Pictures from the weekend:


1 thought on “Redeemed

  1. Sometimes it’s the things you dread the most that turn out the best. Glad your weekend was salvaged. Sounds quite nice actualy (despite the shitty start).

    And now you have some awesome trail runs to look forward to this week!

    Here’s to a fresh start to the week! (…says me while I grumble away this dreary Monday morning…)

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