Weekend Recap

Friday, I am very sad to say, due to a ridiculous dinner choice, Fatty won. Fatty reconciled that it was a smaller lunch than normal and it was Friday and that meant a mushroom burger and fries. I would probably have given Fitty the win had it been a burger and a salad…but that wasn’t the choice made. Saturday morning we were up at 5am and getting ready for a big day. A ride to Egmont and a 4km hike (each way) out to Skookumchuck Narrows. GORGEOUS! The weather was insanely beautiful, the other two couples that were with us were fantastic. We had great laughs, a picnic on the rocks and a gorgeous ride back to the ferry. Dinner was a one piece fish and chips with a beer and an ice cream on the ferry. I am, however, giving Fitty the win on Saturday, it was one of those days that makes your soul fly and there was absolutely nothing bad about it at all. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Ray could have done the hike with us, but as it was he is still injured and stayed with the bikes. Boring for him but what can you do? Sunday I was up at 8:30am and in the backyard mowing and cutting and pruning and digging. I worked solid from after breakfast until 2:30 pm at which stage I called it quits and told Ray to take me for an ice cream. Dinner was out at a greek restaurant. Fitty wins yesterday too, I worked HARD. This afternoon after work, I have my running clothes in my car and I will be changing and going for (I hope) a 5km jog. I say ‘hope’ because my one injured knee has been bothering me. But….I am sad to say that I saw a picture of myself from this weekend and I am not impressed. Overall, most of the pictures are great…but there is one, at a very unflattering angle….and when I was at my slimmest, there was no such thing as an unflattering angle. So, while I was in the shower this morning and trying to talk myself out of the jog and when I tried to accidentally leave my running clothes behind and when I tried to make the excuse that I had to go to the drugstore after work so I couldn’t jog….I gave my head a shake. It’s nice out, it’s a good trail and my body NEEDS this!


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