Today was the long anticipated follow up cardiologist appointment.  (I was nervous last night and drank more wine than I probably should have because today I feel like crap.  Not so much, there Fitty!).  The appointment went well and now I have a couple of decisions to make over the next month-ish.  I am very glad that Dr. Cardiologist gave me a brief overview on my options and said that it is ultimately completely up to me and he will do whatever I choose.  OK…so….good…?  But now I have to make decisions related to my health that, honestly, all have risks and implications…I just have to pick the one that I feel most at ease with, I suppose.
Given that I now have all of these options, I am even more determined to make my fitness and overall wellness situation the absolute best that it can be before I make any decisions regarding my pumper.  By ‘absolute best’, I definitely mean “best for me and my life and lifestyle”.  I know there are super high levels of fitness/weight loss that I could work towards but that’s not reasonable or, honestly, very healthy for me mentally or emotionally.   All I want to do is make sure, that when the time comes that I may be sacked for a couple of weeks (or more possibly), that I have done everything that I can do to be in the best possible condition.  And if it turns out that my ultimate decision is to NOT take any of these options, then I haven’t lost anything.
Since I’m good with a schedule, I made one last night that I think should be fully achievable.  I won’t bother posting it here because I don’t necessarily think y’all really care what I’m doing and when.  It’s enough for me to just have the schedule in my head and keep Fitty in the lead.
I gave Fitty the point yesterday and unless something goes right off the rails, I’ll probably give her the point each day between now and the beginning of next week because although my schedule (and the weather!) precludes me from really getting after the exercise this week, I am working on refocussing my thoughts and feelings toward the positive and the healthy.  And I’m trying not to eat crap.

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