The First Post

It’s the first day of a new month, what better time to start tracking the score between Fitty and Fatty?!

I’ll be honest, Fitty hasn’t really been winning over the last few weeks.  Ever since the big wipeout that Pedals and I took (you can read about that here), I’ve been laid up recovering from the injuries and Fatty’s sort of taken the lead by default.

I’m not injured anymore so it’s really time to get Fitty going and regain the momentum and spark that regular exercise and proper eating brings me.  I have plans for that which I will share probably tomorrow.

Since, at the moment, there is only one other post on this website and it’s the “About” link at the top, I’m sure you’ve probably read that Fitty is about more than just working out and eating right.  Fitty is good things like kissing and laughing and being silly.  Again, being honest, Fitty wasn’t really winning the war for the month of May.  Things were rather strained between Ray and myself, possibly only perceived by me since I’m the girl and we’re far more perceptive than the men, but I was uber-crabby and he is injured (you can read about that here)  and struggling with trying to live somewhat normally and things were a bit….crunchy.  The end of May and now here in June, things have mellowed out tremendously and Fitty is looking to make a striking comeback.

I’m going to spend this next month, not making enormous plans for exercise and weight loss (although there will be some), but making proper, small decisions that will enable me to say, with confidence, that Fitty wins the day.


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